Dr. Sonia Nguyen

Dr. Nguyen is a Florida native; she graduated from the University of Central Florida and attained her dental degree at Nova Southeastern University before completing her residency at the Orlando VA Hospital.  This is where she trained extensively with the geriatric population and oral surgery.  Because she looks so young, patients often questioned whether their cavities are older than her.  They still do to this day.  

Her dental philosophy as she puts it is:  

“I believe your health takes precedence above all; it’s not just the 32 teeth in the mouth.  Our oral health is the portal to our overall well-being and state of mind.  What most satisfies me in my field of work is having the ability to implement change through effective counseling.  This is why I take an active role in sharing with my patients the meaning of vitality as a direct result of good oral health.  I take pride in my workmanship as a dentist, but above all, I always seek to ensure that my patient’s needs are met and that each and every person who works with me is cared for in my hands.” 

At home, Dr. Nguyen restores vintage furniture with her husband.  They  just welcomed their first baby boy in 2016!  Be sure to look for her at our Eastover location!