The Care Clinic

Village Family Dental takes pride in serving patients from The CARE Clinic. These patients are hard-working individuals who earn too much money to qualify for Medicaid, but not enough money to afford dental insurance. We see a few patients every week at each of our offices for free dental services.  Some of our providers also work at The Care Clinic facility in the evenings. 

The CARE Clinic was established in September 1992 when Sister Jean Rhodes utilized a $10,000 operational grant from the Catholic Social Ministries of the Diocese of Raleigh to set up a free health clinic. Through several grant awards and a capital campaign effort, a building at 239 Robeson St. was renovated. The clinic was dedicated on November 14, 1993 and opened its doors for service to uninsured/low income residents of Cumberland County on November 16, 1993.


                                           *Dr. Terrance Smith and his team hard at work at The Care Clinic*

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