Space Maintainers 

Space maintainers are a very important part of orthodontic treatment for some patients.  A space maintainer creates force that guides the growth of the face and jaws.  It is also used to move teeth into better positions or to prevent teeth from shifting.

Constant use will achieve the best  results possible.  It is very important to follow usage instructions very carefully.  If not, the treatment will take longer and is subject to change.

  • Always be careful when removing your space maintainer.  If it is removed carelessly, the part that fits in your mouth and attaches to your teeth could injure your lips, cheeks, face, and possibly your eyes.
  • Never remove the device until the straps have been disconnected.
  • Never wear the device when running or playing sports.

Take your space maintainer with you to every appointment.  If it becomes soiled, the dentist will tell you how it should be cleaned.

Your teeth may be tender for the first few days of wearing your space maintainer.  This tenderness will disappear as you adjust to the new pressures.

Let the dentist know if you continue to be uncomfortable for more than a few days.  Wearing the device is a necessary part of your treatment.  Follow the instructions exactly, and you will complete your treatment without any changes in your treatment plan.