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Teeth Whitening

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Village Family Dental offers both in-office and at-home teeth whitening services. Dental whitening can be used to correct many tooth discolorations as a result of staining, aging, or chemical damage to the teeth. The majority of yellow and brown stains are successfully treated, but gray and intrinsic stains are a bit more difficult.

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Our Teeth Whitening Options

During our in-office whitening procedure, a whitening agent is applied to the front surfaces of your teeth and a light is positioned to activate the material. The material is applied 3-4 times and then everything is removed. This service is provided by a specially trained hygienist.

Our at-home whitening procedure begins with impressions of your teeth that are used to make models for your custom trays. In approximately one week, your custom trays will be ready for pickup. We provide a special whitening agent that you place into the clear trays. With only an hour of wear per day, our special whitening agent lifts stains right out of your enamel without permanently altering tooth structure or existing dental work.

  • In-Office Options: Opalescence Boost, Philips Zoom* (certain office locations only), Colgate Optic White
  • Take-Home Custom Trays: Opalescence Boost
  • Take-Home Over-the-Counter: Opalescence GO

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