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Valleygate Dental Surgery Center

Sometimes, dental care needs to take place at a surgery center instead of your regular dentist's office. There are many reasons why our dentists may consider it best to have your child treated at the surgery center, including:


In order to fill cavities and place fillings or crowns, our dentists need the patient to be cooperative and relaxed. This means the patient needs to sit in the dental chair while keeping their hands, feet, head, and body very still for a significant period of time. (Procedures can take as long as 30 minutes, or longer, to complete.) If the patient is anxious and unable to remain still for the procedure, our dentist will be unable to run the drill safely. The safety of your child is always our priority.


With some young patients, it may be best for them to have dental work completed while under general anesthesia so they are not frightened or traumatized by the drills used during the procedure. The last thing we want to do is make your child afraid of going to the dentist.

Amount of Work

For young patients who need a lot of dental work, our dentists understand that it can be stressful to expect a young child to come in for multiple appointments.


A child’s behavior helps us to determine if treatment at the surgery center is the best option. For example, if a child is unable to sit still to have x-rays taken in the office, that is a big sign they should not have important work done in the office. Patients need to be calm and be able to sit still for treatments like sealants, crowns, extractions, and fillings. If a child cannot remain calm or is easily distracted, our dentists could perform improperly and cause further issues.

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