Nitrous Sedation Technique | Village Family Dental


Nitrous oxide (N20), most commonly known as “laughing gas”, has been the primary sedation technique in dentistry for many years because of its safety, effectiveness, and non-irritating properties. Patients are able to breathe on their own and remain in full control of all bodily functions while using laughing gas. All our offices and clinicians are trained and certified to provide nitrous oxide.

Advantages to use of nitrous oxide

Patients may wish to use nitrous oxide because of benefits such as:

  • No after-effect such as a “hangover”
  • Safe with no side effects to your heart, lungs, etc.
  • Effective in minimizing gagging
  • Works rapidly and takes as little as 2-3 minutes for relaxation and pain-killing properties to kick in
  • Sedation level can be altered at any time

Reasons to not use nitrous oxide

You should not utilize nitrous oxide if you have been diagnosed with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). Though there are no other major contraindications to using nitrous oxide, you may not want to use it if you have emphysema, exotic chest problems, MS, a cold, or other difficulties with breathing.

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